For tourism professionals

Travel, share your knowledge and stay free of charge in the best hotels

BeGekko, what is it?

The first platform that allows you to stay in hotels and obtain benefits during the stay in exchange for sharing knowledge and experience with the hotel.

Unlike the host, the Gekko:

Knows the hospitality business perfectly
Is objective with his opinions
Is continuously looking at details that another customer doesn't
Contribute ideas and innovations

For any professional in the sector with no less than 5 years of experience, BeGekko is the platform you are looking for!

Become a perfect Gekko valuing the departments in which you are an expert, generate synergies and get free stays.

How does it work?

Travel, audit and receive benefits
  • 1. Search

    Use the platform to search for hotels that require a mysteryguest..

  • 2. Request

    Make the request to the hotel you have chosen..

  • 3. Answer

    Fill in the questionnaire with questions, photos, videos that the hotelier requires..

  • 4. Rate

    Your objective score on the department or departments you have analyzed..

  • 5. Benefits

    Stay at no cost and receive added values..

Find hotels around the world that are in demand professionals in the sector like you, experts in specific departments.

Answer the questions in the questionnaire, which is designed to provide maximum value to the hotel. Take pictures, write, make notes... any detail or opinion will be very welcome received.

What does BeGekko bring you?

With BeGekko you can:

  • Generar sinergias entre profesionales
  • Conocer nuevos hoteles, destinos y personas
  • Alojarse sin coste en hoteles
  • Potenciar la imagen profesional dentro del sector
  • Adoptar ideas
  • Red de contactos
  • Departments

    Choose the departments you are an expert in and start traveling!
    The evolution of departments
    • BeWelcome

      Reservation process and arrival at the hotel..

    • F&B

      Gastronomy service and product offered..

    • Experience

      Product, staff, cleanliness....

    • Digital Status & Mkt

      Digital image, positioning and distribution channels..